Pinnacle Physical Therapy







Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pinnacle has worked closely with surgeons in the Bay Area to help get our patients back to life, work, and to enjoying their favorite activities. From ACL reconstructions to total joint replacements, from spine surgeries to foot and ankle reconstruction, our therapists have extensive experience with post-operative care.  


At Pinnacle, we provide specialized care to athletes of all ages and abilities. Our therapists possess unmatched experience working with professional, collegiate, high school, and recreational athletes. Pinnacle offers highly skilled physical therapy focusing on evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation for surgical and non-surgical care. 


Orthopedics is the practice of treating and preventing injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Pinnacle physical therapists are highly trained experts who treat all ages and functional abilities covering injuries from the head down to the toes. 

Our Focus

Pinnacle Physical Therapy has been serving the Bay Area community for xx years.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service by the highest quality and best trained physical therapists and staff. Our aim is to improve the functional performance of individuals of all ages and abilities. From general orthopedics to specialty expertise, from Worker’s Compensation management to Sports Medicine & return to sports rehabilitation, our team will get you back to life, sport and work!


Patient Management


Patients are referred to our clinic by physicians, insurance companies, provider networks, employers, and by self-referral.  We utilize clinical reasoning as a framework to effectively educate our clients to understand their underlying problem(s) and to make strategic decisions regarding their treatment plan and progression.  Our goal is to help our patients return to their prior level of function while maintaining a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.


Your Initial Visit

The first step in the recovery process is a comprehensive patient evaluation.  This includes a thorough history and physical examination to identify the patient's problems, concerns, and needs.  Through a combination of specific tests, measurements and an open dialogue with each client, we will be able to develop a treatment plan with specific goals tailored to each individual's needs.


Follow Up

Follow-up visits include the dynamic management and reassessment of the patient's functional performance.  As treatment continues, we document progress, conduct periodic re-examinations, and modify treatment when necessary.  When all rehabilitation goals have been achieved, each client will be discharged to an individualized home exercise program with strategies to prevent recurrences and maintain the gains made in therapy.

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